Charlie Shrem assigned himself to a mission : make from Bitcoin, that was "just" an unknown crypto-currency, the most precious asset of investment firms around the world.

As he starts to be famous, he states : "sometimes when I am at the restaurant with my family, some fellow comes and tell me : "he, you are the Bitcoin guy". A lot of people invite me to a drink, but it starts to be annoying : I never talk about anything else."

Shrem does not need anybody to offer him a drink. At age of 23, he is a millionaire of bitcoins. He purchased some at the very beginning, when it was valued less than 10$, and accessible. When Bitcoin reached 200$ (it is now 4000), he became CEO of one of the biggest platforms, and founder of the Bitcoin Foundation.

"It is the most amazing socio-economic change since the creation of democracy, we have entered the numeric era, and the last product that had remained outside of numeric was money. For any transaction, you must trust a payment operator and pay fees. With crypto-currencies, the transaction is immediate and fees are much cheaper".

What evolution since 2011, when the young man, freshly graduated in finance from Brooklyn, was not convincing any investor with his business project. He finally borrow 10.000$ from his mother and launch BitInstant. You imagine the following.

More than a cupid businessman, Shrem sees himself as the garant of a mission : "I am an idealist, I believe that technology can change the world, we just need to share the same vision."