Your partner from A to Z

Ether Invest is not just a market operator that receives and executes your trading instructions, but becomes your true associate during all the lenght of your investment.

Besides of direct market access, Ether Invest's service is specifically distinguished by continuous support and assistance during your entire investment process. This assistance will be manifested, not only by increased presence and availability for advise and guide you, but also by aditional services that Ether Invest is today the only platform to offer.

Our key advantages

  • Multin-languages service
  • 24/7 online access
  • 5 markets supported
  • Computed watch
  • Free storage

Our turnkey solutions

  • Fixed income plan
  • Managed account
  • Assisted account
  • Dedicated strategy
  • Unlimited assistance


Why  us ?

  • Direct market access
  • Total independence
  • No win = no fee
  • 5 years expertise
  • 0 litigation for 10.000 clients
  • Free account opening
  • No hidden fees
  • From 500 euros
  • 24/7 access to the account
  • Unique interlocutor
  • Taylormade solutions
  • 0 loss in 5 years
  • Worldwide OTC network
  • Secured transactions

Our leading product


Ether Invest is the very first firm to launch a turnkey fixed income plan based on crypto-currencies

Crypto-currencies are subject to a volatility that needs a certain acknowledgement. Their trends are much more easier to anticipate than traditional currencies, because it responds to certain technical details of the currency itself that influences its trend. So that Ether Invest offers an all inclusive passive investment solution, fully managed, which has met many successes.

Principle is very simple : your manager designs with you an investment strategy, which takes into consideration your expectation, needs and your fear of risk. Based on these points, he will set-up a conservative or aggressive strategy, whose any of its positions will be the result of a collegial approval from your account manager, an analyst and a risk assessor. This is the recipe of our reach of 0 risk since 5 years now. Depending on the type of plan, you can even benefit from a free test period, which allows you to verify by yourself the difference of performances within you manage the account or our experts.

4 points to remember

Ether presents the highest performances

And this is true when even compared to any asset, whenever in the world ! Invest in Ether now is THE way to boost your savings.

Manage your investment at any time from home

You access your account from any device : phone, tablet or computer, check your performances, and chat with your manager.


Your assets are stored, insured and perfectly safe

Ether Invest is exclusively offering an insured by AIG (le world leader in insurances) and free storage solution.

Cash quickly !

Depending on your investment plan, you receive automatically your profits every 30, 90 or 180 days, on the bank account of your choice wherever in Europe.


our Hotline:

+33 (0)9 70 73 26 52

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