Our mission

Why us ?


To connect, advise, and help investors.

Ether Invest is born from an observation : the absence of professional provider that can assist investors with a certain standard of service quality, and handle their entire investment strategy, from its drafting to its execution, including storage of assets.


To benefit, with you, from the huge growth of crypto-currencies. No tabou.

Let's be straightfull : we are here to make profits. Our main advantage : our remuneration is exclusively based on performance of our customers accounts. So that our development and growth are the result of our performance only. We are not your provider, we share the same interets, we are associates to our common success.

  • No trade fee
  • No opening fee
  • no win / no fee
  • 5 years on crypto
  • 0 litigation, 0 loss

As your true partner in your investment in crypto-currencies, Ether Invest will not care serving you the best way possible only because it is our standard, but also because this is the recipe of OUR common success. We will always maintain our candor, our transparence and our independence.

Our advantages


A direct access to all the markets and the best offers.

Ether Invest's platform is connected to the major market places on 5 continents. Our unique system selects, on a worldwide base, the most competitive bids and publish it in first rank.


Our expertise dedicated to serve the success of your investment

Ether Invest consultants have been selected within the best experts on the market in crypto-currencies, and all share our vision of customer service.


A secured and guaranteed storage service, unique on the market

As every traditionnal bank, we store our customers assets in the strongest safety standard, fully insured and available.

Those who benefited from crypto-currencies

  • Charlie Shrem
    Charlie Shrem assigned himself to a mission : make from Bitcoin, that was "just" an unknown crypto-currency, the...
  • Kristoffer Koch
    In 2009, he purchases 26.60$ of Bitcoin. He was working on a university study on cryptology, and felt...
  • Erik Finman
    Erik Finman is only 12 years old in 2011 when he invest the 1000$ he received as a...
  • The Winklevoss
    Winklevoss brothers are not fully unknown. There was the first partners of Mark Zuckergerg, and had a litigation...

Ether Invest's guarantee


Ether Invest's specificity is our ability to focus on crypto-currencies, where you will usually find polyvalent investment firms or brokers that have to true expertise in this industry. As a recognition of our professionalism, more and more of them consult us !



Exclusively at Ether Invest : any of our positions is the result of a collegial decision from a market operator, a risk management officer and an analyst. Absolutely no position will never be taked without the approval of any of these experts. It allows to check all the aspects of an investment prior to take it, and to minimize to 0 the operational risk.

Our currencies

  • Bitcoin core - 20 Bn$
  • Ether - 3.9 Bn$
  • Ripple - 1.2 Bn$
  • Litecoin - 449 Mn$
  • Dash - 443 Mn$
  • Monero - 403 Mn$
  • Ethereum Classic - 234 Mn$
  • NEM - 186 Mn$
  • Augur - 104 Mn$
  • MedSafeCoin - 85 Mn$