Why Ether ?




Ether is similar, in technical as marketing point of view, as Bitcoin in 2010.

Same technical structure, same huge companies behind (Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan...), and the same huge potentiel of growth. Except that Ether is being developed knowledged of issues that met Bitcoin, and will then not meet the same troubles. Already +3000% since january 2017...




The better reputation of Ether is encouraging an outbreak of the trend.

Volume of merchants that accept payment in Ether is growing 500% every year. Some central banks already consider to normalize Ether the same as any other currency (ex : Russia), but on the other side, Ether does not know any "money printing press", so that offer remains the same : the recipe to a predicted growth.




There will never be any Lehman Brothers in Ether, or any other bankrout.

Thanks to Blockchain mechanism, on which Ether is build on, the system is unassailable, unfalsifiable, and absolutely independent from any incident that can occur on a global scale. Some governments already work on migrating their data base to blockchain technology, as it allows a higher level of safety, with quicker transactions.




  • Charlie Shrem
    Charlie Shrem assigned himself to a mission : make from Bitcoin, that was "just" an unknown crypto-currency, the most precious asset of investment firms around the world. As he starts to be famous, he states : "sometimes when I am at the restaurant with my family, some fellow comes and...
  • Kristoffer Koch
    In 2009, he purchases 26.60$ of Bitcoin. He was working on a university study on cryptology, and felt on Bitcoin. He purchased it "for fun" and forgot it. Kristoffer reminded his Bitcoins in 2013 when he saw a newspaper article on the spectacular ongoing progression of Bitcoin. He sold his...
  • Erik Finman
    Erik Finman is only 12 years old in 2011 when he invest the 1000$ he received as a gift from his grandma. In 2013, he sells his assets and launch an online school. An investor offers him 100.000$ or...400 Bitcoin. Despite Bitcoin was "only" value 200$ then, he goes on...

Why not you ?

Get on board !

page1_pic4Mario Draghi - ECB Governor, previously VP Europe at Goldman Sachs.

Ether is a technical breakthrough the same as Internet has been.

"In my opinion, this is really the starting point of a new industrial revolution. Mathematic protocole that governs crypto-currencies show a liability that is needed by financial world. Regardless Ether is considered as a fully true currency or not, it is undeniable that it enables to imagine a new financial deal, far away from concept of currency. It is definitely not a sporadic phenomenom, and we will have to conduct a deep reflection on the place to grant to it in our juridic environments."

Bitcoin was worth 0.09€ in 2009 and today around...3500€ ! Every expert predestines Ether to the same evolution. They even wait for the "flippening", the moment when Ether will pass the Bitcoin. You missed the Bitcoin's train ? Grab on the Ether's one !



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